New born Baby Box available with in 20 items a box


Mattress + WP Cover
Cherry Pit Pillow
Diaper Pack
Baby Wipes
Onesie + Romper
Grey Pant
White Pant
Grey Bib
White Bib
Breast Protector
Large Towel
Small Towel
Tote Bag


items 20 in a box

In the 1930’s, the mortality rate of infants born in Finland was very high,
where on average 65 newborns out of 1000 were dying each year.
As a solution, Finland launched its baby box program in 1938. The idea was to distribute to low-income
families baby boxes that contain basic infant items and to provide a safe sleeping environment.
These baby boxes where such a success that they then distributed them to all Finnish citizens in 1949.
Today, Finland has one of the lowest infant mortality rates in the world.
Since 2015 there has been an increase of death due to SUIDS in the USA(*), as well as accidental
suffocation and strangulation in bed, this has prompted governments to act on the issue, and thus reviving the
Baby Box Program.
Our Mission at Vitality Kit is to decrease Child Mortality rates around the developing world, one box at a time

Reduces the risk of death due to
suffocation and SIDS
The baby will gain all room-sharing
benefits without the bed
sharing risks.
Provides the materials the baby
needs to survive the first few
months of life.
Allows for use as storage of baby
items after baby is grown up.

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